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Helping you name your physical products for success.

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Course description

Through this course, you will learn step by step via a fictitious creative business how to use your businesses primary keyword. How to expand this primary keyword to build 4 more keywords that will represent physical products within this creative business.
These keywords will be used to target the search engines, so people actively looking in the searches can find your products.

You will also learn how to translate keyword planner data into money in the bank. This will allow you to analyse how much more you can potentially make. Even if only a small percentage of people come to your shop and buy.

In this 30-minute in-depth video training, you will learn:

  • The nuts & bolts of keyword research when it comes to your physical products
  • How keyword planner, will help you name your products for success
  • How to turn search engine data into realistic sales figures
  • An overview of how combining different content types can be powerful in your business

This is very detailed video training. It's important for the people using the search engines to find your products. Take notes on how I choose the products keywords & how you can apply it to your products.
Intended Audience: Handmade, Makers, Designers, Artists

Course Curriculum

Product Keyword Formula Video Training

Janet Walker


Janet Walker the Marketing & Focus Strategist, the designer and a few other hats is a multi-faceted mother of 2 boys & the driving force behind JWGInternational HQ. Which is a multi-faceted business passionate about helping others achieve. We help budding & established businesses in various industries, with but not limited to business growth, monetization, marketing strategies. 

Janet stared her 1st creative business from scratch using SEO strategies. By using SEO & backlink strategies it helped establish her business on the 1st page of Google within 6 months. 

At JWGInternational HQ we are about helping you with content creation, product creation & traffic generation. While always keeping you in the know about tools and resources that can help you work smarter and be productive in your business.